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"A Romantic Journey : Notebook of A Traveller" – Ebook for iPhone

In Buku Mobi on March 13, 2010 at 9:30 am

A Romantic Journey Notebook of A TravellerI am merely someone who likes

to see and what catches my eyes i try to record without
judgment or preconceived ideas: without the burden of
experience or the weight of emotions. even without memories.
i try instead, to see things as if for the first time. Freed from any associative reference whether emotional, intellectual or just plain habitual, i find there is no such thing as an ordinary thing. what, after all, is ordinariness except a value that our tired mind projects on our surrounding?

The camera is a good helper in this exercise.

The camera suspends all judgment. The camera never tires nor does it get bored. Looking through the camera my eyes are no longer limited to the scope of my gaze (often superficial, most of the time uninterested, almost always wandering). instead the intensity of the lens’ focus enables the act of seeing to penetrate into a world filled with wonder and mysticism; a world beyond the mediocrity and superficiality of our existence where even the humblest object contains the wisdom of the universe.

pricein seeing without preconceiving, the camera takes me on an
endless journey of discovery in which seeing becomes a mystical

[Desi Anwar – A Romantic Journey : Notebook of A Traveller]


893086_5A Romantic Journey is a collection of photographs and bilingual expository text — the original English translated into Bahasa Indonesia by writer Ayu Utami via email correspondence — and is the fruit of Desi’s travels across the country and abroad.
The Jakartapost

About The Author:

Born in Bandung in December 1962 Desi made her first trip abroad to London at the age of eleven unaccompanied by her parents who were already in England. Her sixteen years of growing up in Europe consisted of schooling in London, her university years in Sussex, England and Paris, France and her Master’s degree in London. Returning back to Indonesia in 1990, Desi began a career in television, helping found the newsroom as Producer, News Anchor and Reporter for the country’s first private TV channel RCTI. A member of the presidential press corp, Desi traveled extensively on foreign state visits as well as international summits for many years and has interviewed many prominent statesmen.

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