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“Gadis Kecil Penjaga Bintang” Now Available on iPhone & iPod Touch

In Buku Mobi on December 23, 2009 at 5:53 am

“What is that place?” asked the young girl who was sat nestled in the curve of the crescent moon.

“That’s a place for used parents,” Moon replied.

“Used parents”? Because the young girl didn’t understand, the Moon lowered her to the place about which she had inquired. There the young girl was astounded to see on a weather beaten signpost on which faded letters spelled out “Dwelling Place for Used Parents.”

The young girl felt a sudden pang of sadness. “What does that mean?” she asked the Moon.

“It means that there’s no use for them anymore,” the Moon said to the young girl. “It means they no longer have a daughter like you, a child who can pray for their well being when they go bed. Their children no longer have any use for them and have discarded them in the same way they would discard a toy they were tired of playing with.” Read more…


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