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“First Love Memories” Get it on Your iPhone & iPod Touch

In Buku Mobi on November 10, 2009 at 7:03 am

I met you when I was ten. You promised me to see me again when I grew up. I kept this promise until I was seventeen. One day, I ran into someone whom I thought was you. I also looked into someone like you in the basketball court. Was that you? Did you really come back to me? I had waited for you for seven years as you were my first love.

In Indonesian Language :

Waktu umurku 10 tahun aku bertemu denganmu, kau berjanji setelah besar kita akan bertemu lagi. Janji itu masih terus kuingat sampai di usiaku yang ke 17. Di satu waktu aku berlari-lari mengejar seseorang yang kupikir dirimu, di lapangan basket pun aku seperti melihatmu, apa itu benar kau? Apa kau benar-benar kembali untukku? Aku menunggu dirimu selama 7 tahun, karena kau adalah cinta pertamaku.

About the Author:

Leonita Easter Patricia : I had been keen on writing since I was in Junior and Senior High School. At that time, only my school friends who read my writings. Now, I live in Metro, the Province of Lampung. Besides of writing, I like painting on canvases, listening to R&B music in my spare time and watching good films.

Several works of mine are First Kiss (teenlit), Coz I Love U (teenlit), First Love Memories (teenlit), Cupid (teenlit), Be in My Heart (teenlit), Opy Dumpey Nest Twinade and Disgusting Best Friend (teenlit). I am working on Tetralogi Zierra right now.


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